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Tour Andover Controls is a part of Schneider Electric companies and comprises such enterprises as TAC, Andover Controls and Sachwell Automations.

Tour Andover Controls offers a wide range of solutions in electronic system management of a modern building:

  • microclimate;
  • heat supply;
  • water supply;
  • registering;
  • lighting;
  • access control;
  • alarm;
  • video surveillance.

Bosch Security is a security system supplier:

  • burglar alarm, EN-501313 certificate;
  • video surveillance systems — Dinion, DinionXF and EnviroDome cameras — high image quality, remote setup, reliability.
  • public address alarm systems — Plena Voice Alarm и Praesedio — high sound quality, flexibility, EN-60849 certificate.

Guardall Security is a supplier of control panels.

PX-500 control panels are suitable for any building security — possibility to configure up to 512 areas, bus — up to 5.1 km, access control and self-diagnostics.


Remsdaq Security supplies perimeter security systems (used for NATO military objects).

The features are as follows:

  • sensor cable is suitable for any landscape;
  • all-weather-proof;
  • lightning-proof.

Apollo Fire is the largest manufacturer of fire sensors in Europe. Apollo Fire company’s equipment is EN-54, VdS and Loyd Marine certified.

Det-tronics — a manufacturer of explosion-proof fire sensors. These sensors are commonly used in oil, gas, chemical, alcohol production facilities and hangars.

Protectowire is a manufacturer of thermal sensors, which are suitable for any climatic conditions.


Built-in central vacuum systems.

               The leading producer  of  special communication  system from

               France. Merchandise includes:

               -Industrial intercoms and phones;

               -Spark, explosion safe intercoms and phones, loud connection

              -Intercoms and phones for pharmaceutical industry